What is Stellar Activity?

Stellar Activity (XLA) is both a new cryptocurrency and a full-scale blockchain-enabled ecosystem. XLA is a hard fork of Stellar, and all XLM holders will get it for free! Stellar Activity offers users a unique set of advantages:

- High-capacity, secure and reliable blockchain network;
- Zero-fee, instant P2P payments using Lightning Network;
- Cross-chain interoperability and atomic swaps;
- Fast and mobile-friendly wallet;
- Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange;
- Advanced consensus mechanism ensuring network stability;
- Safe and affordable ICO platform;
- Special terms for early supporters;
- Attractive bounty program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stellar Activity? Stellar Activity is a hard fork of Stellar – cryptocurrency known for its high capacity and low fees. The ticker for Stellar Activity is XLA, while for Stellar it is XLM.
What are the advantages of Stellar Activity? Stellar Activity offers its users high-speed transactions at near-zero fees, superb stability and security of the system, instant P2P money transfers thanks to the implementation of Lightning Network, cross-chain interoperability using atomic swaps and much more.
How can I obtain Stellar Activity coins? All you have to do is hold Stellar coins – lumens (XLM) in your personal wallet at the moment when the network snapshot is taken (planned for December 9, 2018). Each Stellar holder will receive Stellar Activity coins (XLA) at a 1:2 ratio. For instance, if you hold 10 XLM, you will receive 20 XLA. Note: calculations will be made based on how many XLM coins you have at the moment of the snapshot! This means that after the snapshot you are free to do what you wish with your lumens, including selling them.
I have lumens in my exchange wallet. Will I still get Stellar Activity? Unfortunately no. You must hold lumens in a personal wallet, such as Account Viewer or Interstellar. A full list of reliable wallets can be found at https://www.stellar.org/lumens/wallets/
I want to receive Stellar Activity coins but I don’t have any lumens. What should I do? First of all, download and install one of the recommended lumens wallets (a list can be found here https://www.stellar.org/lumens/wallets/). Save your personal key file somewhere very safe, preferably not on your computer. Next, buy lumens at an exchange, such as Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, or Binance. Finally, transfer lumens into your wallet. Make sure to complete the process before December 9, 2018.
Is it possible to purchase Stellar Activity coins if I miss the snapshot? Yes! We will make 20 billion XLA available for sale at a very attractive price. For each lumen, you will get 10 XLA. And for the first 30 buyers we have prepare an exclusive deal: 1 XLM = 30 XLA! To purchase Stellar Activity coins, simple send your chosen amount of lumens to our smart contract address: GCT7FZHAKX53RTRQE7WIWE5GS5425OEX6ZLYLFANCSP3Z3OFFG2LOJPQ
Why do you want to sell part of Stellar Activity coins? The proceeds from the pre-sale will be used to get Stellar Activity listed at a number of leading digital exchanges, as well as to expand our marketing campaign globally. Still, free distribuion (airdrops) lies at the heart of the Stellar Activity model.
What is Lightning Network? Lightning Network is a common name for a family of payment protocols that allow users to send payments without involving the main blockchain. This saves a lot of time and money: there is no need to wait for a transaction to be validated by all the nodes in the network, and accordingly no need to pay miners’ fees. Lightning Network is the future of decentralized payments, and Stellar Activity will be among the first cryptocurrencies to implement it. You will find more details in our White Paper.
How large is the total emission of Stellar Activity? A total of 100 billion XLA will be issued, out of which 60 billion will be allocated for a massive airdrop among XLM holders, 20 billion will be available for purchase, 2 billion will be paid as bounty to early supporters, and the remaining 18 billion will be reserved for further development and implementation of new features.
Will Stellar Activity have any other features, apart from cryptocurrency payments? Stellar Activity is much more than just a cryptocurrency. It is a complete ecosystem, which includes a user-friendly and well-designed wallet (with both a web interface and native apps for Android and iOS), a platform for developing dApps, a decentralized exchange, convenient ICO framework, a tool for P2P money transfers in both fiat and crypto, and much else.
What consensus protocol does Stellar Activity use? We use the Federated Byzantine Tolerance Agreement – the most advanced and reliable of the currently available consensus protocols.